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cycle pure agarbathies

Cycle Pure is a prominent brand of agarbathies, or incense sticks, in India. With incense sticks being a vital part of Hindu customs and traditions, their core messaging is aligned with purity, sanctity, and faith. As one of the primary Copywriter for the social media pages in 2016, we developed research-based content buckets to engage and educate audiences. While staying in-line with the brand's ideals, we broke down content into three main categories: 

i) Information on temples in India and around the world, which were referred to as Temple Tours

ii) Customs surrounding festivals including references from mythology

iii) Scientific reasoning behind certain common Indian customs. 

Our goal was to rely heavily on religious blogs, articles, and other online resources, and remain unbiased to not offend our followers. 


Science Of Spirituality


This series was focused on providing a reason for the age-old practices. The concept was thought of in light of many honor killings, ostracisation, and discrimination in the name of religion. Although we did not broach upon sensitive topics, we did aim to educate and provide an alternate proven reason for traditional practices. These posts were some of our most popular on Facebook. 


Temple Tour


With hundreds of thousands of Hindu temples and shrines around the world, it was a no-brainer for us to include a selection of the most notable ones in our content plan. We picked those that stood out from the rest, ones that are architectural marvels, ones that stood the test of time, and those that are associated with crucial moments in Hindu mythology.


Festive Spirit


In Hinduism, almost every day is auspicious. We saw it as an abundance of content! We brought to light the purpose of each festival or event and even broached on how it is celebrated in certain communities. 

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