I'm Apoorva.

People are often surprised to know that I studied math in my undergrad. I still use a calculator to tip, though. Calculus hasn't come to my aide yet. Still waiting for that day. 

Apart from my ease with numbers, I am also a writer, photographer, filmmaker, and artist. I am always thinking of new ideas to execute on my downtime. 

Professionally, I've dabbled in design and copywriting and have stuck with copywriting the longest. I fell into advertising by chance and never left. In the right environment, I find it extremely enriching, and interacting with other creatives has had positive effects on my professional and personal projects. 

On a more personal note, I am quite curious about different cultures and perspectives. I ask a lot of questions and have a keen interest in knowing everything I possibly can about everyone. I am fascinated by languages and different scripts -  the history behind it and the cultural integration of different languages around the world. One of the odd things that I can do is read and write Russian, although I cannot tell you what it means. I'm still working on that!

Email - apoorva.2992@gmail.com

Tel - 646 - 239 - 9684