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I'm Apoorva

In 2017, I packed my bags and moved to New York. Then, I started grad school, graduated from grad school, got my first job, made it through the pandemic with one (!!) covid scare, freelanced a bunch, got my second job, got back to freelancing, and became an emotional support human to a needy cat and a few houseplants (a moment of silence for the plants that aren't with us today.)


Today I live and work out of Brooklyn, NY with one cat and one houseplant. 

Let's chat!

Email -

Tel - 646 - 239 - 9684




The Shorty Awards:

Winner in Twitter Partnerships

Bronze Distinction in Integrated Campaign

Audience Honor in Twitter Partnerships, Integrated Campaign

The One Club 2022 Denver Awards:

Gold in Integrated Branding Campaign

The One Club 2022:

Merit Winner in Social Media


The Drum Awards Marketing 2022:

Nominee in B2C Integrated Campaign


Grand Prize in African-American Campaign

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